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Christoph Tänzer

Innovator &
Future thinker

Specializing in purposeful leadership Coaching & sustainable Future business model strategies 

Let's Design A better Future Together!

My name is Christoph Tänzer and my mission is fostering change by 
Empowering leaders to lead with purpose and humanity and driving innovation by designing blueprints for a better future.

The education system I grew up in leaned heavily towards a one-size-fits-all approach, often overlooking the value of individual strengths and unique skills. Throughout my professional journey, I've encountered CEOs and managers who prioritized profit, occasionally overshadowed by personal gain or politics. Such an approach risks the enormous potential of innovation and collective strengths, leading to disengaged employees. In contrast, recognizing, empowering, and fostering individual and collective strengths can counteract this, paving the way for genuine progress, engagement, and transformative change.

Recent Gartner and Gallup studies support this observation: while 82% of employees emphasize the importance of being recognized as individuals, a mere 45% feel their companies see them as such. Global employee engagement -  the involvement and enthusiasm of employees in both their work and workplace - is 23%. 


My goal is to help change this.

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As a Coach, I strongly believe in the unique skills and strengths of each individual.

My coaching supports those who want to realize their full potential and helps leaders understand and use their purpose, strengths, and values to make the world a better place.


As an Innovator, I am always pushing boundaries and looking beyond the conventional to develop holistic solutions that consider the whole system.

Sustainable solutions require the unleashing of extraordinary capabilities that can redefine business beyond just profit.


Explore the publications below on purposeful leadership, sustainable business models, and innovative solutions for the future.


Climate-Resilient Business Innovation

Leveraging Indigenous Knowledge & AI

to Drive Sustainable Solutions.

This deck highlights the role of indigenous knowledge in creating sustainable business models, stating it holds key insights for managing resources and conserving the environment.


The Utopia of the Empathic Organization

The Innovation Imperative: 

Reimagining Organizations for a New Era.

This article unveils the utopia of the empathic organization, suggesting a revolutionary shift from the conventional. Can holistic perception and resonating values reshape our sustainable future?


The Future of Business Models

Moving towards regenerative, social, and sustainable business models - a necessity for the future.

Traditional business models face sustainability challenges amidst rising climate concerns. The deck explores urgent adaptation needs, noting potential 10% economic loss by 2050.


Towards Purposeful Business Models

Navigating the way to impact and sustainability.

Coming soon.

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Christoph Tänzer

Dr.-Pickart-Str. 1B

27793 Wildeshausen


Tel: +49 (0) 22 36 - 30 58 168​

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